Friday, June 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Key lamps

I like the two matching lamps a lot. 25 for the pair at fan thrift. Get them out of my sight before I go back and get them.

New cradenza/dresser

Had to talk noah into this, but I think it is perfect for our room (and budget, $15) and has similar drawer pulls to my new dresser. Now, if I can just take it out of my car...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


in the past two weeks my main laptop has obtained a lovely virus so i have been posting from my cute but sometimes difficult to use, eeepc. during this time i realize i need to go about this "local vintage roundup" thing a little differently. instead of letting the images disappear when they get taken down i would like to set up some kind of cute display of all the items, having them saved into one file with the links given in the description. so until i do something about that, here is some mid-century decor eye candy:

Friday, May 15, 2009

another great desk

teak desk in newport news but totally worth the drive.

hampton roads has some good finds!

70's hanging egg chair? bingo!

love it! that base alone even without the chair is worth the $100. could convert into the cooolest clothing rack ever!

if you've got the money

this desk is on point. supposedly a haywood wakefield which explains that price. ouch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 may cry.

my dream car in my dream color is now for sale on richmond craigslist!


rotary phones that look legit but no good close ups.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day views #4

Vintage hair dryer! You heard me? I didn't really get the hair net dryer hat in the frame because the best mart was the hat box it came in and the base the tube and hat connected to. $10

ugh ill figure out how to rotate this later...sorry

Mother's day view #3

No price on it but I may go back and get it. Have been looking for a sewing desk that noah is not allowed to take over. Very cute and tiny. Will prob be sold for $25.

Mother's day view #2

already sold, but so gorgeous. Congrats dan, whoever you are!

mother's day views #1

shelf $45 but know this thrift store they would have sold it for half that.

didn't come apart which i didn't like, but still an awesome 70's entertainment center.

transfering the rest of my craigslist finds

transfered from my tumblr and then if i have time before work i will post the items i found at the thrift store today.

why don't they have a picture of the fridge!?

$25 dollars for this desk. ughhhh why don't i own my own store?!

electric typewriter and insider tip!

this typewriter is a little too heavy for someone who just wants a novelty piece but you could always use it to prop up unframed pieces of art in the cracks of the keys.

now for the tip: this same typewriter can be found currently at fan thrift for $23. it comes in a black suitcase carrying case so it is hidden on the bottom shelf in the kitchen section. and the case is a lot cooler than the one listed on craigslist...for half the price. have at it! (i have a picture of it on my phone, maybe i will update with it)

this is cool and free!
craigslist free section. if used in a different way to house art and books and knick knacks this could be really awesome!

better typewriter:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

awful picture, amazing medicine cabinet!


see this pisses me off!

oh there is nothing that makes me feel as elated as when i get a great deal on a vintage item, knowing i got a steal. getting a vintage item for it's full valued price it sometimes worth it and all, but when i look at it i will always think "ugh i paid so much for that even though i love it." as opposed to the initial situation where i will always look at the item and think "god damn that was tight!" see what i mean? address the title of this entry, nothing pisses me off more than when craigslist sellers list their item title with "$1" and then give a different price in the body of the ad. ESPECIALLY when that updated price is 75 times the original listed price!!!

right this way:

what really gets me is that i have been looking for a metal cabinet with thin long drawers for some time now and when i saw the listing and then the picture i got this sudden rush of excitement and immediately went to copy the email link so i could ask to come pick that baby up. but somewhere in the process my eyes caught the $74 in the body of the ad and promptly wanted to tell someone off. so here i am. still on the internet. blogging about it.

i don't know why i have such an affinity for these things

i love all of these metal filing cabinets. i just think they look really clean and are interesting when place in a living room or anywhere but an office environment. i especially love how they are always under $15 and like this baby, often come in great colors!

this one does have very deep drawers only complaint.

ps look at the desk in the background!!!!

richmond craigslist

in the hopes of using this blog more i am going to be moving or at least double posting the craigslist round ups that i have been doing on my tumblr. lets start it off with something i am sure no one else is interested in but me:
while this is no airstream trailer i do spy some nifty tapered legs on the furniture! and the detailing with the paint job! oh...and it's a FREE CAMPER!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

party favors

a while ago noah and i had a sticker swap party. i made sticker books out of blank cards, wax paper, twine, a big stamp, and some paint pen.

each person was given a sheet of stickers and their sticker book in a monogrammed bag. the sticker books say "stick with me."

i mentioned this party was a while ago. to give a time frame, there was also a christmas tree made out of suitcases at said party.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Of doodles. Magazine femme bots and paint pen.

mobile views

Inspiration #2

Mobile views

Inspiration seen out thrifting in richmond, va.



Friday, March 13, 2009

i think it's time we land on the moon

played out unicorn print from the thrift store covered with vintage wallpaper. hand made two piece balsa wood frame holding an ad from better homes and gardens 1958 magazine. twine and nail holding picture and pen ink used for the drawing.
this was a first attempt made over a year ago, but for the most part i enjoy it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


i have been waiting for you.